Deja Vu

You all awake, confused and in pain. The pods are leaking badly, red emergency light floods the claustrophobic cabins making the dark cold waters appear as blood spraying through the hairline cracks of the small ships.

You hear a blast of sound as though a great beast is in the pods with you. The sound is familiar, the same sound you heard in the Leviathan, the same sound that haunted your dreams as children, the sound that still today haunts the nightmares of grown men.

You see off in the distance four other drop boats. They are in nearly as bad condition as you are and you can see why as they are engaged in a vicious battle with a massive Leviathan. As you look out on this epic scene you can see the drop ships Bearing down on the creature repelling it with their pods ammunition and capabilities. You watch as the lead drop ship comes closer to the Leviathan releasing volley after volley of pain ammunition from it’s cannon, driving forward with expectations of destroying their bloodied foe. But the pilot of the drop ship miscalculates the will of the creature as it powers through the assault, surging through the water splintering the drop ship with its massive teeth. As the enraged beast devour the last remnants of the drop ship you watch as the other ships use this opportunity to continue their assault, barraging the creature with ammunition which seems to enrage the creature even more. As it propels itself forward to towards the remaining ships a blinding light projects from one of the ships as it releases an electrical charge, which causes the creature to convulse amongst the dancing bolts of energy. As the bolts stop so does the creature, as it begins it’s slow lifeless journey to the floor of the ocean.

With their great foe defeated the ragged boats turn towards the four of you and begin barreling towards you at max speed. But, swiftly you notice that they are not heading directly towards you, they’re actually heading below you, towards the see floor you see what they are heading for as you all look down you see directly below you what appears to be a the wreckage of several ships, but these ships look as though they have been stacked and arranged the same way land serpents arrange sticks and grass to build their nests. This similarity is verified by the writhing body of a much smaller leviathan appearing desperate to see it’s mother again.


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