Inside The Atoll

As the pods dive deep into the the ancient bowles of the long dead volcano the only thing the pods can see is that illuminated by their lights. Anything more than 40-50 ft ahead of them is engulfed in darkness. What they do see are shimmers and shadows of what is waiting for them just beyond. Hanus and Luca are paralyzed by a flock of seemingly harmless Jellyfish excreteing a black poison through the wood of their pods leaving them helpless to the current, until Brokkr blasts the flock with his pods shocking capability destroying the poisonous hord and freeing Hanus and Luca, but unfortunately setting off a mine in the process and taking a viscous hit to his own pod. Before hanus can get his bearings, out of the darkness he is attacked by a massive shark which he is able to fight off with the assistance of his cohorts, but just as the shark becomes bloodied a massive fireball erupts between the three pods tossing them every which direction. When the pods finally stop spinning in the depths a female druid surrounded by what appears to be a magical bubble is soothing and healing the shark.

The druid explains that they are hiding in the volcano and her pet shark was just trying to protect her. An agreement is struck that if she leads you to the wreck then you will leave her and her shark in peace.

She leads you all to the site of the wreck but just as it is coming into view several massive crabs attack as if from nowhere. An epic underwater battle plays out leaving crab meat and viscera floating throughout the waters and unfortunately the pods nearly crippled. As everyone catches what may be their final breath, no one notices the carcass of one of the crabs make contact with the mine, but all realize the horrible mistake as the blast removes the last bit of strength from the pods as the lights go out and the ocean rushes in.


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