As the Merman rises from his throne the four guards around him swiftly rise to attention as he beckons you all to follow. “My name is Respin and I am the leader of the Guardians, we have taken a solemn vow to protect the Leviathans race. This vow has been passed down through the generations since the great sea was formed.” He leads you all towards a massive door embossed with a 40 foot gold visage of Poseidon. “As you know all Merfolk are descended from the loins of the sea god Poseidon, but what is lesser known is that each tribe has been given the task to act as protector for the holiest of beast in the sea, and our role is to protect the most holy, Levia-Tan” As Respin approaches the door he raises his left arm waving a silver gauntlet that surrounds his forearm bearing with the same image of Poseidon across an illuminated stone within the wall, as he does the massive door opens allowing you to gaze out upon an epic scene that feels more like a dream than reality. As Respin leads you into a clear dome shaped room you are able to clearly view dozens of other more massive clear domes surrounded by the coral and other life of the ocean floor. And as you look back the direction you came from stands an ancient marble cathedral. "This is where Poseidon dwelt before he returned heavens, and we are the Stewards of this holy place, protecting it until his return. It is said that the Leviathan were created specifically to aid in the construction of this temple carrying massive stone forged in the bowels of the Volcano and placing them where you see them now. As reward for their efforts Poseidon vowed this merfolk village would protect the leviathans till the sea dries.

Deja Vu

You all awake, confused and in pain. The pods are leaking badly, red emergency light floods the claustrophobic cabins making the dark cold waters appear as blood spraying through the hairline cracks of the small ships.

You hear a blast of sound as though a great beast is in the pods with you. The sound is familiar, the same sound you heard in the Leviathan, the same sound that haunted your dreams as children, the sound that still today haunts the nightmares of grown men.

You see off in the distance four other drop boats. They are in nearly as bad condition as you are and you can see why as they are engaged in a vicious battle with a massive Leviathan. As you look out on this epic scene you can see the drop ships Bearing down on the creature repelling it with their pods ammunition and capabilities. You watch as the lead drop ship comes closer to the Leviathan releasing volley after volley of pain ammunition from it’s cannon, driving forward with expectations of destroying their bloodied foe. But the pilot of the drop ship miscalculates the will of the creature as it powers through the assault, surging through the water splintering the drop ship with its massive teeth. As the enraged beast devour the last remnants of the drop ship you watch as the other ships use this opportunity to continue their assault, barraging the creature with ammunition which seems to enrage the creature even more. As it propels itself forward to towards the remaining ships a blinding light projects from one of the ships as it releases an electrical charge, which causes the creature to convulse amongst the dancing bolts of energy. As the bolts stop so does the creature, as it begins it’s slow lifeless journey to the floor of the ocean.

With their great foe defeated the ragged boats turn towards the four of you and begin barreling towards you at max speed. But, swiftly you notice that they are not heading directly towards you, they’re actually heading below you, towards the see floor you see what they are heading for as you all look down you see directly below you what appears to be a the wreckage of several ships, but these ships look as though they have been stacked and arranged the same way land serpents arrange sticks and grass to build their nests. This similarity is verified by the writhing body of a much smaller leviathan appearing desperate to see it’s mother again.

Inside The Atoll

As the pods dive deep into the the ancient bowles of the long dead volcano the only thing the pods can see is that illuminated by their lights. Anything more than 40-50 ft ahead of them is engulfed in darkness. What they do see are shimmers and shadows of what is waiting for them just beyond. Hanus and Luca are paralyzed by a flock of seemingly harmless Jellyfish excreteing a black poison through the wood of their pods leaving them helpless to the current, until Brokkr blasts the flock with his pods shocking capability destroying the poisonous hord and freeing Hanus and Luca, but unfortunately setting off a mine in the process and taking a viscous hit to his own pod. Before hanus can get his bearings, out of the darkness he is attacked by a massive shark which he is able to fight off with the assistance of his cohorts, but just as the shark becomes bloodied a massive fireball erupts between the three pods tossing them every which direction. When the pods finally stop spinning in the depths a female druid surrounded by what appears to be a magical bubble is soothing and healing the shark.

The druid explains that they are hiding in the volcano and her pet shark was just trying to protect her. An agreement is struck that if she leads you to the wreck then you will leave her and her shark in peace.

She leads you all to the site of the wreck but just as it is coming into view several massive crabs attack as if from nowhere. An epic underwater battle plays out leaving crab meat and viscera floating throughout the waters and unfortunately the pods nearly crippled. As everyone catches what may be their final breath, no one notices the carcass of one of the crabs make contact with the mine, but all realize the horrible mistake as the blast removes the last bit of strength from the pods as the lights go out and the ocean rushes in.

The Deep
The Heroes Enter The Depths Of The Atoll

On the burning sands of Atoll the crew of the Leviathan survey the deceptively tranquil waters encompassed within the ring of the Island, as Lucious describes the event that transpired hours before their arrival. “Yup, They came in quick, real professionals. Would have been a real smooth smash and grab if they had known about the mines.” Etots replies in his screeching voice “The Mines? Everyone knows about the mines! Anyone can get a map of those mines for a half pence.” “Sure, but those maps aren’t much good after that big storm that came through back in the spring, shook the whole place up. Hell, I live here and I don’t even dare to cast a line out into that death trap.”" So then how do we get the spice?" Asks, Luca. “We can’t use the Leviathan and I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t hold my breath for that long as may be recalled from our little excursion in Bessie’s lung.” Etot get’s a mischievous look on his face before saying, “how are you all with tight spaces?”

“The Drop Ships will get you down about a 500ft before you start to blow leaks”, Etot explains, "These ships were created to capture Leviathan when they are still babies. The larger two are distractors, one blasts the male Leviathans call which will hopefully scare off momma for a bit, and if that doesn’t work then the shocker can stun the mother for a bit. They keep the mother busy while the smaller one swoops down and grabs the baby with that large steel claw. Sepher you’ll have to stay up here there’s only three ships and we need someone else to help us lock down the Drop Ships from the outside, we don’t know how much time is left before the Leviathan is strong enough to break off on her own.

As the drop ships plunge into the depths of the center of the Atoll Etot , Sepher, and Luscious are left to do nothing but wait… and screw Pussy Plants.

Gain Control
Chris's first attempt at DM

Gorkil_goblin_king.jpgAs our campaign continuous Brokker, Beelzebub, Hanus Pano, Luca, and Etot find themselves watching the Goblin Kings light fade from his eyes. Right before his final death rattle escapes from his mouth he spouts out, “As I slip into the darkness so shall you with every changing tide.” Reaching out and grabbing Beelzebub’s pennant, the Goblin King places a curse upon Beelzebub causing him to switch dispositions and names.

The Beginning

Waves cascade against the hull of the privateer ship the Obelus. Though the moon is full it is almost useless as black clouds sprawl across the sky, billowing in from the west. Their brassy glare drains color from the mast and burnished cockpit, leaving brightwork tinted bronze in the faltering light. The air grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating. The scent of rain is dark and heady. A stillness falls over the deck, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder, rolling across the sail to the pattering of tiny raindrops. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and the downpour begins, as if signaling the attack.

As if from nowhere the Aquatic Goblins leap onto the bow, crossbows primed, outnumbering the crew three to one. You all look to the captain ready for orders, but only see the look of defeat in his eyes as he steps forward, unbuckles his sword from his belt and bows to his knee, offering the ancient blade to what appears to be the Alpha Goblin stating,“by the charter of the Serrilian seas I prostrate myself and am prepared to negotiate terms of surrender”. The Goblin stands there baring his fangs in what you all perceive to be a grotesque smile, and in an instant felt as an eternity liberates the blade from its sheath and plunges it into the base of the captains skull. The alpha screeches and his minions take aim, just as the squall hits.


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