The Deep

The Heroes Enter The Depths Of The Atoll

On the burning sands of Atoll the crew of the Leviathan survey the deceptively tranquil waters encompassed within the ring of the Island, as Lucious describes the event that transpired hours before their arrival. “Yup, They came in quick, real professionals. Would have been a real smooth smash and grab if they had known about the mines.” Etots replies in his screeching voice “The Mines? Everyone knows about the mines! Anyone can get a map of those mines for a half pence.” “Sure, but those maps aren’t much good after that big storm that came through back in the spring, shook the whole place up. Hell, I live here and I don’t even dare to cast a line out into that death trap.”" So then how do we get the spice?" Asks, Luca. “We can’t use the Leviathan and I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t hold my breath for that long as may be recalled from our little excursion in Bessie’s lung.” Etot get’s a mischievous look on his face before saying, “how are you all with tight spaces?”

“The Drop Ships will get you down about a 500ft before you start to blow leaks”, Etot explains, "These ships were created to capture Leviathan when they are still babies. The larger two are distractors, one blasts the male Leviathans call which will hopefully scare off momma for a bit, and if that doesn’t work then the shocker can stun the mother for a bit. They keep the mother busy while the smaller one swoops down and grabs the baby with that large steel claw. Sepher you’ll have to stay up here there’s only three ships and we need someone else to help us lock down the Drop Ships from the outside, we don’t know how much time is left before the Leviathan is strong enough to break off on her own.

As the drop ships plunge into the depths of the center of the Atoll Etot , Sepher, and Luscious are left to do nothing but wait… and screw Pussy Plants.


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