As the Merman rises from his throne the four guards around him swiftly rise to attention as he beckons you all to follow. “My name is Respin and I am the leader of the Guardians, we have taken a solemn vow to protect the Leviathans race. This vow has been passed down through the generations since the great sea was formed.” He leads you all towards a massive door embossed with a 40 foot gold visage of Poseidon. “As you know all Merfolk are descended from the loins of the sea god Poseidon, but what is lesser known is that each tribe has been given the task to act as protector for the holiest of beast in the sea, and our role is to protect the most holy, Levia-Tan” As Respin approaches the door he raises his left arm waving a silver gauntlet that surrounds his forearm bearing with the same image of Poseidon across an illuminated stone within the wall, as he does the massive door opens allowing you to gaze out upon an epic scene that feels more like a dream than reality. As Respin leads you into a clear dome shaped room you are able to clearly view dozens of other more massive clear domes surrounded by the coral and other life of the ocean floor. And as you look back the direction you came from stands an ancient marble cathedral. "This is where Poseidon dwelt before he returned heavens, and we are the Stewards of this holy place, protecting it until his return. It is said that the Leviathan were created specifically to aid in the construction of this temple carrying massive stone forged in the bowels of the Volcano and placing them where you see them now. As reward for their efforts Poseidon vowed this merfolk village would protect the leviathans till the sea dries.


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