Welcome my friends! We are embarking upon a perilous journey through a world called Sitnalta. Without giving away too much, Sitnalta is an Island world consisting of 99% ocean containing some of the most horrific creatures and beatiful cultures. We have many novices in this game including the two DMs that will be swapping the duties of the DM each week and also a PC, so for the most part we will be freestyling the rules while we learn and maybe manipulate the D&D 4.0 rules. Let’s get weird, let’s get wild, Let’s D&D! And remember, hold your breath…

You’ve all been hired on to crew the Obelus, a privateer ship on mission to transport fruit and grain to a nearby island called Nefrim, once returning to your original port you will earn 1 gld piece. It is your first time working on the Obelus, but the captain assures you if you work hard and are loyal you will be offered more lucrative jobs in the future. The crew is as sea wearied as the Obelus and welcome you all with sneers and cold shoulders, but you all get to work with plans for the gold pieces you’ll receive in three days time.


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